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My Market Finds.... Day Two

Day two of my market finds are here!  I hope you are enjoying all my finds, I sure had fun finding them...

Savon Candles

I love these adorable candles.  They're only $15 and they smell amazing!  You can buy them here from 

Musee Bath Bombs
 This company has the cutest line of bath bombs I've ever seen.  I love how they smell and with names like Marry Me (it actually has a little ring inside!), Margarita, and Pink Cadillac you'll have a hard time deciding on just one!

Pistachio Press and Blackbird Press

These two companies shared a booth and they had the cutest stationary that I saw all weekend.  I love the letter press look and their artwork is beautiful.  They make me want to send cards for no reason just because they are so darn pretty!

21 Drops
This is an aromatherapy line which you can now find at Sephora and lots of other great stores.  I love that they have numbered all 21 different versions so you will find one, or more,  that is right for you.  I personally am going to try #2 PMS, #5 Headache, #11 Stress, and #18 Sleep. 

Butch and Harold Sticker Picture Frames
I have these myself and everyone always asks where I got them.  They stick on your wall, but peel off super easy and don't leave a mark on the paint.  You can buy them here from

Well that's it for my market finds.  Which product/company do you like the best?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Market Finds...Day One

 Wow.... you all really like that necklace from yesterday!!! I don't blame you, I'm ordering one for myself as well.  Don't fret.... if you don't win, I'll order one for you.  Just let me know sometime in the next week and I'll take care of you.... now on to the market.

So as you all know, I went to the Gift and Apparel Market in Atlanta this week and as usual, I found some great new items you will want this spring.  A lot of what I saw, I have to say, been there done that, but some of the booths really caught my eye.   Yesterday I shared with you one of my favorite jewelry booths, Geranium, and let me just say you can't walk in the mart without tripping over a jewelry vendor. Today, I want to share a few of the other companies and items I think you may just want to shop for yourself.

Farmhouse Fresh

 Honeysuckle Blood Orange Custard Body Cream

 Bourbon Bubbler Brown Sugar Scrub

 Pajama Paste Yogurt Face Mask

I love these products from this Texas based company.  The packaging and the names are so stinking cute and they smell amazing.  They've been featured in all sorts of magazines including Oprah, Elle, Redbook among others. 

Cake Vintage

 Linen Kitchen Towel
 Pad of Vintage Paper Place Mats
Paper Table Runner
I love this Nashville based company who started out with vintage doorknobs and wine stoppers....  You have to read their story and try their products.  They're fabulous!

Starr Luna
These super comfy, chic tees are as soft as they are flattering.  The designs and vintage art work are so fabulous.... I want one of everything!

Treat Design Co.

This company's husband wife duo have some really unique and very pretty art they have transferred onto the likes of wrapping paper, cards, water bottles, you name it.  I love the colors and the designs they use to bring their beautiful art into your home. 

Placetile Designs

Who doesn't like to throw dinner parties? One of my favorite things, I actually own these myself, are these erasable place tiles.  They work like a dry erase board and you can use them for place cards, food labels, or even put a personalized message on them and give them as a gift.  They are so cute and versatile as well.


So I can't say I've tried this yet but some people swear by it.  This hangover prevention remedy is actually a patch you put on before you drink and it's supposed to keep your vitamins in tact so you don't get a hangover.  Hmmm????  He did give me a few samples so I'm up for trying it this weekend. It's all natural and full of vitamins so if nothing else, you'll get your daily vitamin intake.  If any of you want to try one, leave me a comment and I'll drop it in the mail for you to try!

Dropper Stopper

This one's for all you moms out there.  These really cute bands attach to the child's cup or bottle and then onto the stroller, high chair etc.  That way, the child can't throw the cup on the ground.  Hello....I'm going to be trying one of these with my daughter at dinner.  She thinks throwing her cup on the floor is hilarious.  AHHHHH!!

What do you all think?  Will you be on the lookout for these products this spring?

More new items tomorrow from Day 2 of my market adventure!!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You don't want to miss this giveaway!

I'm back from market and I have a ton of great new products and stores I want to introduce you to. Before I do that, I have to show you my next giveaway item for one of my lucky readers. This necklace is from a company called Geranium and they have a fabulous line of jewelry that I found at market. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this necklace.

This necklace is a $40 value and you can't find it online and your lucky to find it in stores.  This company only sells wholesale, meaning they don't have a retail store or online site, but for one of you lucky peeps, you can have this necklace and be the envy of all your friends. Here's how to enter....
1) BE A GOOGLE FOLLOWER!!!! Once I reach 100 followers I will randomly drawn a name and it could be you! So if your not following...start, and if you are, tell all your friends and blog friends to follow so we can get this party started!
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OK, so more on the market and all my great finds tomorrow.....