Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping in Franklin

So the madness of the holidays has official struck and I have SO neglected the blog this week.  SORRY!  The Tory Burch gift card contest is still going strong, so don't forget to enter!  The next winner will be drawn on Monday.  My parents came in this week so we could do a little Christmas shopping, and what would Christmas shopping be without a stop in downtown Franklin?  For those of you who haven't been, you have to make this a stop next time you're in middle Tennessee.  This historic town is so quaint and has some of the cutest and most unique stores around.  I often find myself looking for Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in the Starbucks down there (I hear they frequent that quite often!).  Anyway, after picking up a coffee, we were off to the shops.  Here's a few of the stores you must stop in....

Love this store....they have some really cute, trendy clothing and accessories and give a portion to charity.

Bathos has some really great bath products they make on site.

This store is a must stop for any gardener enthusiast.

The Iron Gate is a store I am OBSESSED with!  You have to check out all their home accessories.

This store has some beautiful linens as well as amazing selection of dinner and drink ware.

You are sure to find something in this store.  Lots of different vendors have space in here, therefore you can find just about anything.  It's so cute!

There are several other stores on the Main Street I like to visit, but I just can't list them all.  After you're done, get in your car and drive over to P.D.'s.  I'm going to give you the address, because this store is so discount, they don't even have a web site.  I mean discount, in the best way!  There home accessories and furniture are amazing and at incredible prices.  You have to search to find it, but once you do, you'll be hooked!
I got this amazing, Serena and Lilly esque lantern for only $30.

119 S Margin St

While at P.D.'s, we discovered a new store called The Barn Door, that's located just behind it.  This is another gem, tucked away in downtown Franklin.  It's only been open for 2 months, but I'm loving the home decor things in here as well.  You must stop by and check it out!
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Buy Local this Christmas

So today I went to Whole Foods to buy some chocolate that is made here in Nashville and I got a gift idea.  I'm going to make a local Nashville basket to give as a gift this Christmas.  You can make one of these with whatever city you live in, or if you have a theme you want to go with.  I'm going to do a Nashville basket.  Whole foods has a great selection of candy that is locally made and we also are very fortunate to have some great local beers as well.  My friends are starting a new brewery, The Black Abby, however it's not available yet to the public.  Therefore, I will be using Yazoo beer which happens to be one of my favorites right now.  I also purchased the following chocolates and they all are amazing!

I love this brand, Olive and Sinclair.  They have some really unique flavors like Sea Salt and Cinnamon Chili.

This company, The Bang Candy Company, makes incredible handmade marshmallows in flavors like Vanilla Peppermint and Chocolate Orange.

This store has some of the best candy around.  Whole foods sells their milk chocolate peanut butter bites and the box is adorable as well.

The Nashville Toffee Company is also an incredible candy that you have to try.  Their toffee is amazing, and with this gift, you will not disappoint!

Yazoo is a great local beer to add to the basket.  This pale ale happens to be my favorite, but there are many varieties to choose from.

I hope this gives you all some ideas for a very unique gift basket that any person would be sure to love.  Let me know if you know of any other items you think would make a great addition to the basket!

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the winner is....

Rachel @Touch of Gray!  Congrats girl!  Don't worry if you didn't win ..... another winner will be drawn next Monday!

Giveaway...Two Tory Burch gift cards!

Yes, that's right!  I have two $25 Tory Burch gift cards in my cold little hands for two lucky followers.  If you haven't discovered, or think you can't afford Tory Burch, now's your time!  I have a few items listed below that you can find in Tory Burch for less than $100!
 Look below for how you can enter...
 First up, my favorite thing to stock up on...flip flops!
 Fabulous Holiday Candle

Stylish Mouse Pad

Patent Robinson Slim Card Case


Idina Wine Cozy
Resin Logo Key

 Small Domed Logo Earrings

 Here's how you can enter to win..... (you can enter multiple times by doing each of the following)
1) Follow me on twitter....!/winetastegirl
2) Go to the right side of my blog and click follow on my google followers  (You have to follow publicly or I can't see you!)
3) Leave a comment after this post
4) Suggest me to your friends on your blog and send me the link
One winner will be drawn Monday, Dec. 12 and the other on Monday, Dec. 19! 
Gift Cards Expire December 31st, 2011

The Elf on the Shelf..a blessing and a curse!

Yes, we love the Elf on the Shelf around my house and I have to say, it's been great when trying to get the kids to behave.  His name is Gordan, the kids named him after Jeff Gordan, and he comes out every year the day after Thanksgiving, and flies home on Christmas Eve until the next year.  This idea has been a curse and a blessing.  Those of you who do this know.... you're lying in bed, dead asleep, and suddenly, you'll wake up in a panic....did I move Gordan? (insert any Elf name here).  Then, you have to get out of your warm bed at some absurd hour to run out and move the darn elf.  For those of you who aren't familiar, the story is the elf flies up to the North Pole to tell Santa about how good, or bad, the kids behaved that day.  In the morning, he flies back to another spot where he will sit and watch the kids throughout the day.  (It really freaked out my oldest the first year we did it!)  Well if you don't move it at night, the kids get really upset the next day.  Like I said, a blessing and a curse.  Gordan sits in the standard places, the Christmas tree, the mantel, up on the kitchen counter, but some people go all out with theirs.  My friend, Ali, has quite a following on Facebook of people who want to see what her Elf does each day.  Here's a few pictures of all the amazing adventures her elf takes.  If only I was that creative!!!!  Let me know the best place your elf has been......

 This elf has fun!

Don't forget to look at last Friday's post to see how to enter the giveaway for the Tory Burch giftcards.  The first winner will be drawn today!