Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nordstrom deal of the!!!

So who isn't excited about the fabulous Nordstrom shoe selection we are about to have here in more shopping online or having to go to Atlanta to find the best, most coveted brands around??  There are so many good shoes to feature, but one brand in particular stands out.... Tom's.
If you haven't heard about these fashionable, yet comfy shoes then listen up.  Not only are Tom's incredible comfortable, but they are also very affordable, and you are giving a pair of shoes to a child who doesn't have any when you buy a pair for yourself.  Yes, that's right... you are giving a pair of shoes, or should I say Tom's is, to a child who needs them every time you purchase a pair for yourself or your loved ones.  "The one for one movement." I'll take 4 please....

Women's Herringbone Classic- $54

Camel Cord Wrap Women's Wedges- $69

Crimson Cord Tiny Tom's Classic Kids- $29

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