Friday, December 30, 2011

What are you wearing this New Year's Eve?

What to wear this New Year's?????  I don't have to think too hard since I have three kids under the age of five, so as you can imagine, my New Year's Eve attire will include jeans and some sort of cute top.  I will not, however, forgo the fabulous high heels!  I wore stilettos all through my pregnancies and chasing around three small children in heels has become like second nature.  I do, though, really miss getting to wear an amazing cocktail dress this year.  It didn't stop me from browsing some of my favorite stores and sites and finding a few I'd love to be wearing this New Year's Eve.  Let me know what you think and do you have any ideas on what you all will be wearing?  I can't wait to see what all you  fashionistas come up with!

 Val's Boutique- Knoxville, TN

Val's Boutique

If I had a black tie event to go to, I'd be all over this dress.  For only $83 you could also have a killer pair of shoes!

I love this top paired with colored jeans.
These heels from Banana Republic are marked down to $113.  I know, not beer budget..... but BR is running a sale on all previously marked down items through January 1st.  Take an additional 30% off!
 Happy New Years!


  1. I wish I was still wearing stilettos throughout pregnancy! I really thought I'd be one of those that would, but the swelling in my feet is out of control, so have to go for comfort these days.

    For tonight, I'm wearing a long, silky snakeskin print top, sparkly necklace, black leggings, and boots. Hopefully my boots with at least a little heel... we'll have to see how the feet feel about that ;-)

  2. Go for comfort girl! You have a pass when your pregnant. Have fun!