Friday, November 4, 2011

The Container Store....Amazing!

I have to admit, when I got The Container Store catalog, I really didn't see anything I had to have.  I thought, most of their items I could just find at Target.  However, at the preview party last night, I was WOWED!  I not only saw a ton of things I had to have, but the items were unique and very reasonably priced.  The store is huge, located in the old Davis Kidd location in the Mall at Green Hills, is two stories, and really beautiful.  It's like a superstore for all the organizational, party hostess, crazies out there like me.  My only complaint from last night was that we weren't able to purchase anything.  It was strictly a party to preview the items, however, over a thousand people, and the liquor flowing, would have been a huge night in sales.  I'm just saying....  Here's a few of the items they have in the store that I will be buying.  The store opens this weekend and a portion of the proceeds go to the Minnie Pearl Foundation.  I can't wait!
 What I love about this wrapping paper organizer is that it is very light and holds several rolls of wrapping paper on one side, and on the other, it holds all your ribbon, tape, scissors, etc. 
 Then, what's really cool... it folds up and will hang up in your closet!  Talk about saving space!

This is a great way to organize all those thousands of Lego pieces my boys seem to have scattered around the house.  I know they will be excited to see this under the tree this Christmas.  

These metal buckets and catch alls are so cute.  I love the colors and think they will look adorable in a bonus room or on a desk.  

Amazing selection of wrapping paper and supplies.
No more ugly cords

Adorable tags for all your holiday cookie swaps.  

Thank you Container Store!

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