Thursday, December 8, 2011

142 gift ideas for less than $100!

So you all know I love the Container Store so I just have to share this link with you!  Go to it and you'll find 142 items that are less than $100 that make perfect stocking stuffers.  Check out some of my favorites!

 Designer iPhone covers... $33

Hilarious sticky ties for only $3!

Silicone wine coasters $8

My friend Stacee swears by these....she always uses them when we're out in a restaurant for her purse.  
Handbag hook $8

This is great for when your toothpaste gets down to the end.  You don't have to waste it!
Toothpaste squeezer  $3

1 comment:

  1. Great link! Those are all such cute ideas! I'm intrigued by this purse hook... I hate putting my bag on the ground! Hah