Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Escape Day Spa....the good life!

So today I had yet another fabulous facial at Escape Day Spa and Salon.  Located at the Highway 100 split in Belle Meade, this is a must stop when you are ready for some relaxation.  I've gone there for several years now and I have to say, it is one of the nicest spas around.  Now I know what you are thinking.... that's not really somewhere to go on a beer budget, however, they do offer a few facials for less than $100.  It seems like a lot of money to spend on your face, but isn't it worth it?  You only have one and I intend to keep it with as few wrinkles for as long as possible. Lilly is amazing and I know several friends who LOVE her facials as much as I do.  (I also heard Melissa is great as well!)  I also love this as a gift for Christmas.  Stop by and pick up a gift card for someone special... they will not be disappointed! 
6000 Highway 100

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