Monday, December 19, 2011

Something different than an ugly sweater party....

So we had a costume Christmas party this past weekend.  (Silly, I know!)  This is actually the second time we've done this, and we encourage our guests to dress up as a character from their favorite Christmas movie.  Now not everyone dressed up, in fact most did not, however, those of us who did sure had some fun with it!  I went as Cindy Loo Hoo, hair and all, and I had the best time with that outfit.  There were also a few cousin Eddies, Clarks, and even Margo and Todd (the snobby, ultra yuppie couple from Christmas Vacation.)  Here's a few pics from the party as well as some ideas for your next Christmas party.  (Try out the costume idea.... it's hilarious!)

 Some of the outfits.....

My husband dressed as Clark from the scene where the squirrel jumps on his back!

The drink table.  (Notice the glasses from my Old Time Pottery post a while ago?)

A must have at all my Christmas parties.....The Pink Halo.
Dip champagne glass in grenadine and then dip in sugar.  Pour 1 oz. raspberry vodka and 3 oz. champagne.  Delicious but sneaky stout!

Pomegranate Martinis 
I used Oprah's recipe from Rachel Ray and it was a hit!

If you really want to have fun, make these pretty cherry and lime jello shots.  Trust me, we started karaoking after a few of these!

I made these party favors from the Better Homes and Gardens December issue.  They had really cute beeswax candles and I couldn't find those, but I did get these candles at JoAnn's for 60% off.  Then you just cover a match box in pretty scrapbook paper and tie with baker's twine.  Easy!

What other party ideas do you all have?  I'd love to see pictures, recipes, etc. 

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  1. what a fun party! I love the costumes.. and the drinks look AND sound delicious!