Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to throw a cupcake themed party

So on to the party from this past weekend.... no, not Tis the Season, my daughter's first birthday!  I can't believe it's already been a year!  All you people with kids know how it goes, one day you are bringing them home from the hospital and before you know it, they are up walking and developing their own little personalities.  Well the theme was cupcakes, and it was all pink and burlap with lots of glitter and fun!  Here's a few ideas if you want to do the same kind of birthday or baby shower.....

First, go online and find a cupcake template you can use and get creative.  I used this for my treat bags but you can also use them for signs, etc.
Next, go on Etsy and get you some water bottle labels.  You can find pretty much any theme, colors, whatever, and the best part is, you can print them off yourself.  So cheap and so cute!

 For the adult beverages, Cupcake wine of course!  I love the Chardonnay and the Merlot, but the Cab is great also.  These little cans of Sophia champagne are too cute and I put those little pink and white straws in them and they were absolutely adorable!  You can get those straws on Etsy as well.

 Next, fill a jar with candy. You can get any color gum ball at party city and fill them in a glass jar.  On the table, I covered it in burlap and then put a pale pink runner on top.  For the food, you'll want to keep it in the same color scheme as your party.

These adorable pom poms are at Joann's and you can make them yourself.  So easy!

I got this sign on Etsy also and it was only like $5 or $6.  The napkins I found at The Dotted Line in GreenHills.

Here's a picture of my sweet girl with her smash cake.  I made this banner out of scrapbook paper I found at Joann's.  It was really easy and anyone can do it!  The smash cake and delicious cupcakes came from Ya'll Be Sweet.

I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of my adorable cookies from Laura's Custom Creations.  They were amazing!  She did them in the shape of cupcakes and the number 1's.  All pink and tan glitter of course!

I have to end on this picture.  I, of course, had the most beautiful birthday hat and this is as close as she came to putting it on her head.  Oh well, this will be a great picture for her baby book!

Hope you like the party ideas!

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