Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Atanta Shopping Guide... Day 2

Hi Y’all!  Hopefully I’ve whet your taste buds for some serious Atlanta shopping.  Before I move on to some of the best boutiques, I’d like to spend some time talking about food. 

I’m a picky eater- read Diet Coke and Candy Corn- so if I recommend a place to eat, you KNOW it is good.  If you want to head out to lunch, I have a couple of places that I think you must totally go.
Since Nashville just got a Nordstrom, y’all probably realize that nothing could be more perfect than the combination of food and shopping. I’m talking about the Nordstrom Café. 
Why don’t other stores follow this concept?  They are missing out on serious business. 

It’s my go-to meeting place with other working girls.  There is a Nordstrom in Phipps so if you are there; it’s a great place to grab a quick lunch.  I love the Tomato Basil soup- it’s low fat.  The salads are fabulous and chicken pesto sandwich can’t be beat.

Another great Phipps location is the Phipps Tavern.  Definitely a “be seen” crowd at lunch or dinner.  I always get the nachos or a Thai Chicken Salad.

If you want to rock a Scarlett O’Hara vibe, then head to the Swan Coach House for lunch http://www.swancoachhouse.com/ .  It’s off
Piedmont Road
and great for a cute lunch or afternoon tea.  It will definitely be a true Southern experience and the gift shop has wonderful Christmas gifts. 

If you are at Lenox, Lenox Grill is the best.  My Mom loves Prime and Corner Bakery is great for quick soups and sandwiches. 
If you want to grab a drink after shopping or….during (which is how I ended up with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes that I don’t quite remember purchasing), then head to my ultimate FAVORITE bar, the bar at the St. Regis hotelhttp://www.starwoodhotels.com/stregis/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=1714

The St. Regis is definitely not on the Beer Budget for hotel rooms. However, a drink will never kill you- but the décor and atmosphere in this place just might.  At 6PM every night they have a guy come out and cut the neck off a Champagne bottle with a saber.  Very cool and free champagne.  How is that for beer budget, right girls?  The décor is glamorous in one part of the bar and very clubby in another.  They have a great wine list and a perfect outdoor location. If you come to Atlanta, you will probably see me there eating the snack mix and mooching drinks off my CEO (he is also a fan). 

It’s That Good Y’all.

If you have a taste for beer, go to Fados.  It’s an Irish bar with great personality.  Drink only beer at Fado and check out the roof top deck.  Speaking of roof tops, the W has the Whiskey Blue Bar http://www.starwoodhotels.com/whotels/property/dining/attraction_detail.html?propertyID=3167&attractionId=1003291331 which is delicious for a drink and people watching.  It’s the best bar in Atlanta.  If you get there early, they let you sit in the “Reserved” section before the VIPs get there.  The Ritz Carlton’s bar is great for late nite but a little stuffy during the dinner hours. 
Blue Pointe http://www.buckheadrestaurants.com/bluepointe/ , a sushi / seafood restaurant has a great bar scene as well. 

Know Before You Go- valet parking is required at all of the above locations so be prepared with cash.  I never carry any cash so I thought I’d let you know so you don’t have to tip the valet in smiles, like I do…. sometimes. 

Whew.  I guess I have a lot to say about drinking in Atlanta.  Maybe next time Shannon will let me write a full week about the happy hour scene in Atlanta….  Clearly I have a lot to say!  Ha!

Happy Drinking… I mean Shopping, Y’all!
Anna from Atlanta

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