Monday, November 14, 2011

Atlanta Shopping Guide...Day 1

 So my good friend Anna lives in Atlanta and I asked her to guest blog for me this week. This is for all you lucky peeps who are taking a shopping trip there for the holidays.... jealous!  I hope you enjoy this week and find all of her suggestions well worth the trip.  I know I will!

Hi Y’all.  I’m Anna from Atlanta and it’s such a delight to be a guest blogger for Wine Taste Beer Budget Nashville.  When Shannon asked me to write a column on her website I was ecstatic.  I mean, come on-  Shopping. In Atlanta.  At Christmas Time. 

It’s That Good, Y’all.

I consider bargain hunting my Olympic Event and girls, you know I get Gold every time! 
There are so many affordable shops in Atlanta that I thought I’d break it down into three groups- mall stores, boutiques, and corporate stores.  You can find some unique and trendy fashions in all three types of shops and with Christmas less than 45 days away, we’d better get shopping!

My opinion of shopping in Atlanta is that you must, must know where you are going and what you are doing or you will end up driving up and down Peachtree Road (BTW- all roads in Atlanta are called Peachtree).  There is also an insane amount of road construction on Peachtree Street (see what I mean about road names…) so you will want to plan ahead or you might miss your turn and end up downtown.

So, I’m here to help.  Let’s talk hotels first.  The most central location to stay is in Buckhead.  You could venture out a little farther and stay around the Perimeter Mall area but Buckhead is close to downtown, Perimeter, and just a really happening place- read COOL.  It’s where you want to be. 

Shannon has stayed at the Marriott right next to Lenox Mall which is a perfect spot for ease of parking at the mall.  Around Buckhead you will find every hotel chain known to man so take your pick.  You really can’t go wrong. Here’s a list to get you started:

Now, on to MALLS.  The epicenter of Atlanta shopping is Lenox Mall. 
It’s big and has lots of shiny objects and a bunch of awesome stores that are not found in other cities in the South. 
I love Lenox like I love my Vols. 

It’s That Good, Y’all.

Since we are talking Beer Taste here, I’ll fill you in on a couple of great stores that you can’t miss:
  • Zara- – Never heard of Zara?  Que Pasa, baby?  It’s the Spanish version of Banana Republic but much more affordable and on-trend.  To. Die. For. 
  • Richs- I don’t think you have Rich’s in Nashville so check out the sale racks.   

Phipps Plaza is across the street and most of the stores there probably don’t fit a Beer Budget but it’s worth a look to drool over some Jimmy Choo and Versace shoes. 

Let’s move on to the Perimeter Mall.  It’s about 5 miles north of Buckhead and has some great shops as well. 
  • JY Lamis (right outside Norstrom on the top level) has great clothes that are super inexpensive.  Check out the super cute dress that would totally fantastic with a great pair of tall boots.

Perimeter also has a Hannah Anderson store so if you love the clothes for kids, check out the Sale rack for the best prices.   

Both Lenox and Perimeter have valet parking which I recommend during the Christmas season.  You don’t have to lug your packages across the parking lot and you always get a great spot!

The malls are SUPER crowded during the holiday season so I suggest going during the week or early in the AM. Avoid the lunch hour and you will be fine. 

Happy Shopping, Y’all!

Anna from Atlanta

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